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Meet the Falkers. New web presence to power the future of interior construction.

Timeline1 Year
FormArt Direction Creative direction Motion Design Iconography & Illustration Digital Guidelines Web & App Design Motion Design 3D Design & Modelling
FunctionUX Design Prototyping Research & Brand Planning Platform Strategy Deployment Architecture Web, Mobile & App Development Headless CMS Integrations
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Through our unique Brand Session we uncovered the truths about the Falkbuilt brand and their customers.


With a mission to evolve the construction industry, Falkbuilt speaks to innovative and experienced decision makers who are open to implementing new technologies and eager to fix long standing inefficiencies in the industry.


Falkbuilt’s customers strive for work/life balance and simplicity. Falkbuilt is the only company to combine the best aspects of modular design and traditional construction. A perfect fit.


Falkbuilt’s customers are community driven, influential and reliable leaders who aren’t afraid to be labeled as the ‘crazy ones’. Falkbuilt relishes a challenge and drives their service first mentality through every aspect of their innovative offering.

Clean Communication

We brought Falkbuilt’s innovation of clean, efficient Digital Component Construction to life by leveraging a simple storytelling technique. Scroll-triggered animations that visually explain core aspects of DCC help establish a connection with the user without having to rely on long blocks of text.

Responsive to Change

From scroll-triggered animations and immersive panoramas to a blazing fast front end utilizing a headless CMS, this site proves that Falkbuilt is on the cusp of innovation and technology.

Bringing Values to Life

Immersive video tours and engaging micro-interactions help to keep users engaged as they move throughout the site

What You See Is Where You Are

Sitewide geo-locating allowed us to embed local branch details into every page and every conversion. 


Aside from being extremely proud of their site, within days of the launch of an introductory landing page, Falkbuilt signed their first client via the website. Within the first month of the website launch, they have seen multiple seven figure leads come in through their integrated CRM. We also won an award for best website from Digital Alberta.

Visit falkbuilt.com
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