Showcasing the power of 3D configuration and AR.

Timeline4 months
FormCreative Direction Motion Design Web design
FunctionUX Design Prototyping Platform Strategy
FlowPlanning Content Design

dopple was rebranding and needed the online presence to showcase their new brand and the benefits of their technology. We helped them shine.

showcase the technology

Ensuring that dopple’s 3D technology was at the forefront of the design, we strived to bring their features to life through scrolling interactions and subtle animations.

User Experience

Using Figma, we created a verbose and functional prototype that helped the client see the breadth of interactions, animations, and functionality that went into the tool. We then used the in-tool commenting to collaboratively plan out content and iterate on site structure.

interaction & animation storyboards

We carefully planned out each animation and interaction so that it flowed seamlessly within the experience.

Mobile First

Taking a mobile-first approach was key given the Augmented Reality aspect of dopple’s platform. We wanted to ensure that the usability of the site was tailored for mobile, while still maintaining the engaging interactions and wow factor.

Motion graphics

To help bring life and excitement to some of dopple’s larger features, we created custom motion graphics that flowed into the features pages, creating a precident for how their brand could be animated.